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Feb 19, 2013 6:00pm PST
on google's g-mail service. jonathan bloom shows us what it is about. >> you go through every single word of your g-mail. >> they sell ads so i get googled. >> is that is the free email service. out >> it doesn't read your attachments or use that for advertising. >> in fact manager says there less advertising because they use less space to use facebook book posts. >> they have making sure that google plus works good but you love linked in and let's make sure it all woq totaling. >> and they added features like scheduling daily emails to delete themselves each day. >> the far most used is delete button. >> and attachments like photo albums. microsoft gives you 7 gigs of free cloud storage for that. >> they sent six emails with four attachments and something funny. so we made it easy to share. >> biggest news about is what it is replacing. microsoft is shutting down hot mail which was recently the most popular free email service. >> they have a branding problem with hot mail. >> hot mail just stopped being cool. >> it was the email address for grandparents and spamers.
Feb 20, 2013 6:00pm PST
and the founder of 23 and me and the wife of google's founder said the hope is that the prize will inspire future generation autos there are going to be amazing discoveries that you and people out there in the world goring to be discovering in 50 years. what i hope this prize does sthait inpirs people that this is really important. and that you should be heroes in society. >> one of the 11 recipients discovered a family of enzymes related to cancer cells. >> i thought he was going to say, $100,000. he said $3 million i was glad i was sitting down because i might have fallen over. >> today was also his birthday. it's been quite a day for him. the chairman of april cell says the high tech billionaires understand importance of biotech research. >> these drugs come on the back of the foundational basic research being done by the scientists. they say that the plan is that this prize will be handed out every year, next year it will be five recipients receiving $3 million a piece. >> thank you very much. google today announce aid pryout for the rest of the us called google glass, it's embedded in a pair
Feb 17, 2013 6:00pm PST
everything. >> the traditional thinking has been if you want to be the next apple, facebook or google, you have to take your idea west. the new thinking, not necessarily so. >> you see the light bulb go on that no longer do we have to say to ourselves silicon valley is the only place to go if i have a startup dream. >> that this prescribe between 1776 which will soon occupy this space in undowntown washington, dc. an example of a tech hub far from silicon valley. >> we talk about being founded by founders, and every city in mrs. has a core strength of having been built largely by entrepreneurs. >> the goal, bringing young companies together on a campus of sorts, creating a community among them and helping them find ways to maximize the city around them, rather than leave home base. >> silicon valley has awesome assets unique too that ecosystem. we -- it's all about how to build a community that derives from the assets. >> a concept budding entrepreneurs can apply in the city. >> ama: let's get to leigh glaser for a check on the weather and how soon it will be changing. >> leigh: at it goin
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3